Large companies across the United States and other countries have begun to see the benefits of hiring neurodiverse adults. Given that human capital is the most vital asset of any enterprise, balancing the work force with varied skillsets can make all the difference in a company's productivity and reputation.

Training companies on interviewing strategies, the onboarding process, planning for success within the first two weeks, and management and communication strategies, has improved outcomes for neurodiverse individuals, as well as their managers and co-workers. In addition, giving employers the tools to track progress and solve problems increases their ability to support all employees in the long run.

Examples of our customized supports:

  • Pre-screened, qualified candidates
  • Training on a variety of topics related to neurodiversity
  • Creating natural supports in the workplace
  • Implementation of universal hiring practices and accommodations
  • Technical assistance to leadership, HR, management and colleagues

Interested in receiving supports listed or hiring a graduate from Tech2Work™? We offer a free initial one-hour informational call or meeting to discuss your needs and our services. Contact us to learn more: Call Christine Hugh at the Learning Academy Employment Services at the University of South Florida at 813-974-2840 or email chugh@usf.edu

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